Teeth Whitening

In our office, we use Opalescence®, the first ADA -Accepted, syringe delivered, take-home bleaching gel! The patented formula has sticky, adhesive properties, which produce results in days rather than weeks! Previous to Opalescence, bleaching was a tedious, time consuming procedure with varying levels of patient acceptance.

The active ingredient in Opalescence, Opalescence F, Opalescence PF, is carbamide peroxide. Opalescence is available in a 10% concentration, Opalescence F with fluoride and Opalescence PF, (with potassium nitrate and fluoride), are also available in 15% and 20%. It is available in a pleasant tasting melon flavor.

The Opalescence bleaching gel is applied to the teeth via a unique scalloped tray and is usually worn at night while sleeping.

The safety and efficacy of the Opalescence products are unsurpassed!

tooth whitening

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