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The National Youth Sports Foundation estimates that over 5 million teeth will be knocked out during sporting events this year. These oral traumas will happen to elementary, high school and college level athletes. In fact dental injuries are the most common type of oralfacial injury sustained during participation in sports. PLAYSAFE mouthguards are the recognized leader in oral protection and they are custom designed according to the sport. PLAYSAFE mouthguards are custom laminated so they fit perfectly and do not interfere with mouth breathing or speaking, a competitive advantage.

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Mouthguard Montgomery Uses:


For sports where accidental and deliberate impacts could happen to the face and jaw, mouthguards are highly recommended.  These sports include: boxing, rugby, baseball, mixed martial arts, wrestling, lacrosse, football, basketball, hockey, football, skiingm snowbording, and any other contact sports. In addition to that, mouthguards also help in preventing or reducing the harm levels of concussion when an injury to the jaw occurs.

Although some sports only recommends the use of mouthguards, most schols, local health laws, and the rules of the sport itself strictly mandates the use of mouthguards.


Mouthguards may also be used as splints to prevent or treat bruxism and temporomandibular joint disorder. 


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