Partial dentures

Partial dentures, or bridges, have a gum-colored plastic mounted on mental framework. The metal framework attaches to the gums so the dentures won't move or fall out while patients are talking or eating. On top of the pink-colored plastic is one or more of the replacement teeth. Patients who have more than one of their original teeth remaining will chose partial dentures. Say, for instance, when patients replace two original teeth, their dentist will affix crowns on the permanent teeth on either side of the missing teeth. The replacement teeth are cemented to the original teeth. The dentist then attaches the fixed or permanent bridge. Precision partials are removable.


  • Partial dentures are expensive depending on the area or areas involved. On average, bridges can cost $1,000 to $3,000. Patients with precision partial dentures require some practice to insert and remove. Partial dentures can be mistakenly swallowed or inhaled.

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