dentures montgomeryWhat are Dentures?

Once a person’s permanent teeth are fully grown, they are expected to last until old age. However, for certain incidences such as decayed tooth/teeth, physical injury, and etc., the permanent teeth are detached or being extracted.

To fill the spot left by the missing teeth and the surrounding tissues, a denture is being made.

Dentures are removable and are available in two types – the partial and the complete dentures:

Partial dentures are recommended to those people who have some missing tooth/teeth but still have some of his natural teeth as well. Meanwhile, complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing.


Alternative options to dentures

A service called “dental implants” can be used instead of dentures. These are more natural-looking and even resemble the feel and functionality of the real teeth. However, do note that this great service costs way more than that of the dentures.

Also, despite of the popularity of dental implants, this procedure is not for everyone. You may want to consider having your dental status assessed by a dentist so s/he can provide you with expert advice.

Dentures and Insurance

Most health insurance companies cover the expenses for dentures – partial or full coverage. However, it would always be best to ask your receptionist or a person-in-charge first before the said procedure is being carried out.

Can dentures make me look different?

Not unless you want a denture made out of gold, your general appearance will still look the same because dentures are created to make it looked-like natural teeth.

Is it difficult to eat when you have new dentures?

Especially for first-timers, dentures could make eating a bit difficult and unappetizing. If you have some troubles with eating with dentures on, make sure you avoid food items which are hard, and which are either too hot or too cold such.

Natural appearing dentures must take into consideration not only the proper arrangement of the teeth, but also the contours of natural tissue. They should be contoured in such a manner that is self-cleaning and has the appearance of natural healthy tissue.

To achieve a natural look with full dentures, it is best to take into considerations the patients individual characteristics. This is achieved through masculine or feminine tooth arrangement, proper lip support and determination of a pleasing smile line for proper facial contour. The other key aspect in obtaining a natural looking denture is the type and shade of the denture teeth.

Depending on the situation, a removable partial denture may be prescribed. Usually two or more teeth will have been lost and this type of restoration is designed o replace both the esthetics and the function of the lost teeth. A partial denture is designed to be removed for cleaning, yet it must have a tight fit and good retention so that it’s comfortable while you eat.

Partial dentures can usually be designed with conventional metal clasps or with hidden retentive devices so that the best esthetic results are obtained. With hidden clasps, other people may never know that a partial denture is being worn. In addition to the improved esthetics, the precision retention of the hidden clasps usually also improve the tightness of the fit.

We make every effort in this office to provide the best possible results with both full and partial dentures. Of course, nothing can ever replace the “real” thing, but with modern technology and attention to detail, we often come pretty close.

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