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Your Montgomery dentist offers nothing but the best dental services in town. It takes pride of the knowledge, skills, and attitude of its stuff along with its state of the art equipment to provide you excellent dental service. To enhance our services, your Montgomery dentist offers you a cozy place to help you relax for your procedure.

Here are the services provided by your Montgomery dentist:



Dentures are also known as “false teeth”. This is a prosthetic device made to replace missing teeth  that are supported by soft and hard tissues. Dentures come in different design, some rely on clasping or bonding onto the teeth or the dental implants, however most of them are removal for easy cleaning.  Dentures are classified into two main categories, depending on whether it is made to replace missing teeth of the maxillary arch (upper teeth) or the mandibular arch (lower teeth).

There are two types of dentures:

- full dentures – made for people who have completely lost their teeth. 

- partial dentures – made for people who have not completely lost their teeth.


This is done to people who wish to improve the appearance of their teeth, gums, or smile. There are different cosmetic dentistry procedures available today, however, among the popular ones is the Veneer. Veneers are custom-made porcelain laminates which are also thin enough to be bonded directly to the teeth. They are perfect for disguising discoloured teeth that do not respond to tooth whitening procedures as well as closing gaps between teeth. 

- Composite Veneers – is a veneer made of plastic which means it is porous, less durable, and more likely to chip and stain and has limitations on how big of a filling it can handle. However, many people prefer this because it is cheaper compared to porcelain.

- Porcelain Veneers  - is a veneer made of porcelain which means it is more color stable because of the glaze placed on the outside. It is also stronger compared to the composite veneer, this less chipping. It can also fill bigger spaces between the teeth, thus it is more expensive.



A mouthguard is also called a mouth protector, a gumshield, or a mouth piece.  As its names suggests, a mouthguard covers the teeth and the gums to protect the mouth. This is essential in preventing or reducing injury to the teeth, lips, gums, and arches. Mouthguards are often used during contact sports such as boxing to prevent mouth injury, and as a treatment for bruxism or TMD. This device is also used on certain dental procedures like tooth bleaching.





Snoring is caused by the  narrowing of nasopharygeal air passages. Although this is considered as generally harmless (excluding sleep apnea), snoring could be a bit annoying especially for your partner. Because of this, snoring prevention devices are being made and are usually prescribed to people who wish to attain a good night's sleep. 


Tooth Whitening or also known as dental bleaching is one of the most popular dental procedure done in general dentistry and most especially in cosmetic dentistry. This procedure can be done using various methods, this includes: bleaching pen, bleaching strips, bleaching gel, and laser and natural bleaching.  There are some DIY tooth whitening products available today, however the effects do not last as long as the ones done by your montgomery dentist. Find out more about it in our tooth whitening page.

What to expect from your Montgomery dentist:

During your first meeting, your Montgomery dentist will assess the condition of your teeth and gums and will provide you an honest and unbiased assessment. Furthermore, your Montgomery dentist will also explain your options to help you decide which  service is the best for you and your budget. 

For your dental questions and dental needs, feel free to contact your Montgomery dentist at (334) 624 6299 or send us an email at

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