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montgomery cosmetic dentistry In an effort to provide you the most efficient, while keeping it teeth-friendly, gum-friendly, and safe, we bring in the trending option that most people choose nowadays for their dental care needs: Montgomery Cosmetic Dentistry.

Before we introduce you a number of Montgomery Cosmetic Dentistry options and what each does, let us briefly but concisely define the term. Cosmetic Dentistry is commonly applied to any dental work to improve a patient’s teeth, gums, mouth, and even a person’s smile. Conservative Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques can guarantee safety and efficiency as well as the preservation of the teeth’s natural structure.

A patient can choose from a range of treatments or procedures that Montgomery Cosmetic Dentistry has to offer. Each is distinguished from the other depending on the person’s dental care and improvement needs.

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·         Bite Reclamation is good for those who have a compacted or closed look to their smile or their face. This is because they have altered vertical dimension caused by too much abrasion on teeth as a result of friction in grinding or acid reflux. This treatment opens up a patient’s bite to recover vertical dimension. This procedure can even eliminate unwanted wrinkles which often eliminate the need of a plastic surgery.

·         Cosmetic Gum Surgery is recommended for those who have a “gummy smile”. Patients who have more gums exposed when they smile can actually alter that through this procedure. Cosmetic Gum Surgery corrects receding gums and reduces further gum shrinkage.

·        Dental Bonding is good for those who want to improve the color of a tooth or set of teeth, to reshape teeth, to repair decayed teeth, to fill the spaces between teeth, and/or to repair chipped or cracked teeth. This procedure can also secure a section of a tooth’s root that has been out in the open due to receding gums.

·         Dental Bridges replace a missing tooth or set of teeth.

·         Dental Crowns are tooth shaped caps placed over a tooth to cover it. This can help protecting a weak tooth from breaking, hold together some portions of a cracked tooth, restore broken tooth, and hold a dental bridge in place. Dental crowns can also cover dental implants and discolored teeth.

·         Dental Implants are great solution for missing teeth. A titanium root device for dentistry is used to support the restoration of a missing tooth or set of teeth.

·         Gum Lift is a Cosmetic Dentistry procedure where the gum line is raised and sculpted to create the look of more symmetrical teeth, which in result, makes your smile artistically pleasing.

·         Teeth Whitening. As the procedure’s name suggests, it whitens the teeth for a brighter smile. Tooth or teeth whitening is performed to lighten discolored tooth or set of teeth, reduce staining, or simply to give you a brighter and whiter teeth.

·         Veneers are used to wrap the front surface of teeth to change and improve the teeth’s appearance.

You can have one or a combination of Montgomery Cosmetic Dentistry procedures that you need.

For your Montgomery cosmetic dentistry needs, you may visit your Montgomery dentist by calling (334) 649 6299 or send us a contact form request for your questions and consultations for the right procedure to address your dental care and improvement needs.

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