Full Dentures Vs Partial Dentures


dentures montgomery alA complete set of great looking teeth is enough reason to make someone sport a happy smile. But in a lot of circumstances, there are people who manage to lose some or all of their teeth due to decay, accidents, and other reasons where the teeth are being purposely extracted. A gap or gaps in the teeth are quite embarrassing. Good thing there's an option to restore your smile.



Dentures have been around for centuries to replace lost teeth thus its common name: false teeth. They are considered as prosthetic devices as they are made to reconstruct and enhance the appearance of the oral cavity. Over the years many types were introduced which ranges from being permanent to temporary, a full or a partial set, and there are also differences in installation techniques.


But what is the buzz between a full denture and a partial denture? Full dentures are recommended to those who unfortunately lost all of either their lower of upper teeth, or even both. But this type of denture is difficult to install since there is nothing for it to hold on to. There will be retention problems on the part of the user and it may be hard to do but it is possible and expert dentists are able to do it with the proper skill.

Partial dentures on the other hand are meant to fill in the gaps created once a person loss a tooth or a couple of them. This type of denture is much easier for both the user and the dentist since they are more stable than full dentures as it can be anchored with the remaining teeth. Both types of dentures may require re-aligning at some point as the gum tissues and even the bone structure changes overtime.

Drawbacks for having dentures include having problems eating. It is difficult for a person to chew their food well and they will have to make sure that what they eat won't damage their dentures. It is also expected that some people may constantly develop sore spots as dentures may irritate the gums and other oral tissues especially if they are allergic to the materials being used for the dentures like plastic, silicon, wax, etc.

The discomfort of having to wear false teeth is a burden with all the special care that it needs and the constant check-ups with the dentist to make sure that they are still in place.

But looking on the brighter side, dentures are the only option for you to restore your smile. If for anything, this is a big reason to smile about as the embarrassment of having to open your mouth wide in front of other people will no longer bother you as you have a complete set of teeth to show. Whether it is full dentures or a partial, the most important thing to be thankful about is that you regain your confidence back, and that alone makes a happy, smiling person.

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